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Sun Visors for Kia Rio

Available in an automatic or manual sedan or hatchback, the Kia Rio has a lot to offer, and the sun visors in this Kia are designed to blend in with your Rio's headliner. When the sun is shining brightly right into your eyes, however, they become one of the most important pieces of equipment on your Rio. Keeping your Rio's sun visors in good condition is important to having them ready when you need them.

How do you maintain a Kia Rio's sun visors?

Though they have few parts, there are still several steps you can take to maintain your Rio's shades. Taking these steps ensures your shades continue to look great and are readily available when you need them.

  • Lubricate the main hinge: If you occasionally lubricate the main hinge where the visor attaches to the roof of the vehicle, you can ensure you maintain the shade's full range of flexibility so you're not stuck uncovered when the sun is blinding you.
  • Keep it Simple: If you're the type of person who uses your Rio's shade as a filing system, you're not alone. To keep your shades working great, though, it's important to occasionally clean out the paperwork, CDs, and whatever else you store on your visor. This keeps the weight of those materials down to ensure you don't put too much strain on the shade's hinge.
  • Clean them: You often reach for your Rio's visor without giving thought to what's on your hands. Since the fabric on your shade is typically light-colored fabric, your visors can begin to show dirt over time. Using a fabric cleaner will remove all that built-up oil and dirt, restoring the original beauty of the shades, and thus the rest of the interior as well.
What types of sun visors are there for a Rio?

If you simply need to replace your Rio's current shade, you have plenty of options to choose from, both with Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM models, as well as aftermarket visors. In addition, you can also find aftermarket shade extensions that increase the area that is protected from the sunlight while still providing a view of the road ahead. There are also many aftermarket shades that you can place in your windows on a hot day to keep your vehicle a few degrees cooler, and to help keep your interior from being faded out by UV rays.

How do you replace a Kia Rio's sun visor?

If your Rio's shade has become worn out in some way, replacing it is a quick and easy, and the process is described below:

  1. Pop the shade out of the secondary hinge clip that holds it in place.
  2. Remove the trim piece covering the shade's mounting bolts in your Kia.
  3. Remove the bolts holding the visor in place and then remove the shade.
  4. Install the new shade by lining up the mounting holes with the holes in the roof, then re-installing the mounting bolts.
  5. Re-install the interior trim piece over the bolts in your Kia, and then snap the shade back into place.