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Kia Optima Sun Visors

Kia Optima sun visors may need to be replaced if they become faded, dirty, or broken over time. It is important that these shades remain functional because they can help you maintain visibility in glaring sunlight while you are driving your Kia Optima sedan.

What are the choices for Kia Optima sun visors?

If you are going to be replacing only one of the sun visors, make sure to get the correct side as the visors for the driver's side and the passenger's side are not the same. The sun visors come in three interior colors: black, gray, and tan. Replacement visors come with vanity mirrors or without, and some visors will have an extension that pulls out when you need to block out even more sun glare. Your Kia's owner’s manual can help you determine which models of sun visor will fit your Kia Optima sedan.

How do you replace your Kia Optima sun visors?
  • To begin, pull down, unhook, and push the visor up against the window.
  • The main assembly is the piece attached to the roof of the car. There is a decorative plastic cover on it. Using a flathead screwdriver, slowly work between the roof interior and main assembly to pop off the plastic plate. You may have to reuse this decorative plate if the replacement did not come with one.
  • The two mounting screws should be exposed. Remove the screws. The visor might fall out, but if you have a lighted mirror, a wire will be connected. For the lighted styles, slowly wiggle the wire out of the roof, and expose the plug and disconnect.
  • To replace, reconnect the new visor if you have the lighted variety. Hold the new main assembly over the holes, screw it into place, and then pop on the plastic cover.
How do you clean a sun visor in an Optima?

Visors get a lot of wear and tear and accumulate oil, dirt, and grime over time. They do not have to be removed in order to be cleaned. Use a rinse-free detergent or foaming interior cleaner, apply it to a clean microfiber cloth, and wipe down the visor. Dab and blot at the stains to lift and remove them. Do not use steam or hot water on or near the ceiling interior as it may loosen the material and cause the roofing fabric to sag.