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Sun Visors for Hyundai Santa Fe

Hyundai Santa Fe sun visors can be found in several different styles. Each functions slightly differently to increase visibility and to keep excessive light out of the car. Cleaning your visors regularly can help to keep them as effective as possible.

What styles of sun visors are there?

Several different styles of sun visors can be found for the Hyundai Santa Fe, including painted, flip-down, and portable.

  • Painted visors begin as a solid dark strip at the top of the front windshield that either fades smoothly into clear over the course of a gradient or through a series of dots. Typically, it extends down slightly further in the middle of the windshield between the two flip-down visors. This painted visor functions to keep the sun glare out of the driver’s and passenger’s eyes.
  • Flip-down visors are installed in front of the vehicle's driver’s seat and the front passenger’s seat. They are designed to flip both up and down and left to right in order to block sun coming in straight through the front windshield and in through the Santa Fe’s side windows. Typically, these flaps also include a small mirror that is covered by a hard, plastic flap or a sliding door. Sometimes there are lights flanking the mirror, depending on the model year of the Santa Fe.
  • Portable visors are made to fold up when they are not in use. These styles should only be used when the Hyundai is powered off and not in use. They can be placed into the front glass when the car is parked to reflect brightness out and keep the interior cool. These covers feature a reflective side and a non-reflective side, often decorated with various patterns, prints, or logos.
What materials are sun visors made from?

Painted sun protectors are relatively self-explanatory. Flip-down visors can be made from hard plastic or from various textiles to match the interior of the Hyundai Santa Fe. They can be found in many different neutral hues including black, grey, and beige. Some are made from low pile or fabric materials. The reflective portion is made from glass and any lighting is typically plastic.

How do you clean sun visors?

Cleaning auto sun visors will depend on which materials they are made from. Portable, painted, and hard plastic flip visors can be wiped down with a soft, damp cloth to remove dust and stains. Flip-down visors made from other textiles can be vacuumed with an appropriate attachment and spot-cleaned with a damp cloth. Feel free to utilize soap and water on textiles if need be.