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Honda Pilot Sun Visors

Honda Pilot sun visors provide you with the comfort, convenience, and protection you need during any commute without relying on a hat or cap with a wide brim. Visors are important comfort and safety accessories for your Honda vehicle, so it's a good idea to understand how they work and what types there are.

What are the functions of Honda Pilot sun visors?

Sun visors have two primary functions as accessories for your Pilot.

  • Visors allow you to ride or drive in comfort by shading your eyes from the sun's rays. Without any visors installed in the car, you would be unable to look directly out the windshield or windows during sunny days without experiencing some discomfort.
  • Sun visors also provide you with important safety enhancements. Because these items shade your eyes from glare, they allow you to see the road more clearly. This means you are better able to view and avoid potential obstacles in the roadway and thus minimize the risk of a serious accident or injury.
What types of Honda Pilot visors are there?

Visors to protect you and other occupants of the car come in a variety of types and styles, allowing you to choose a set of visors that conform to your tastes or perform specific blocking functions.

  • Standard driver and front passenger side visors are constructed from durable plastics and may be covered in cloth as well. These visors come in a variety of colors, allowing you to match them to the interior of your Honda Pilot.
  • Windshield visors are more reflective than other types as their primary purpose is to reflect the sun's rays away from the interior of the car when it is parked. These visors help to keep your Honda's interior cooler when it spends time parked in the sun on hot days.
  • Sun visors for your vehicle's windows are often made of mesh fabrics or similar materials. They are useful for partially blocking the sun from shining directly on any passengers while still allowing them to look out the windows. You can choose window mesh visors in different colors and opacity ranges.
How do you care for sun visors?

Once you've purchased new sun visors or window shades for your Honda Pilot, you'll want to keep them looking nice and functioning properly. With some occasional basic maintenance, you can increase the longevity and effectiveness of your new visors. You can clean sun visors by simply vacuuming them or wiping them with a wet cloth. Keeping your Honda's windshield and windows clean and free of dirt can help improve the efficiency of your sun visors. Dirt and grime on these surfaces, particularly the windows, will impact how well your passengers can see the terrain. Since window sun visors or shades are designed to still allow for some visibility, it's important to keep the areas they cover clean.