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Chrysler Sebring Sun Visors

It's easier to drive a Chrysler Sebring when you can flip a sun visor down. When it's sunny out, you will want to have a working visor. Knowing the options will make it easier to make an upgrade or replacement.

What do Chrysler Sebring’s sun visors do?

Sun visors are installed on the driver and passenger side of the front seat. They are just above the windshield and can be flipped down in order to block out sunlight from the windshield. It makes it easier to drive or sit in the passenger's seat when the sun is at its brightest.

What are some of the features of sun visors?

There are all sorts of features available for a Chrysler Sebring. Some may provide more features than what you currently have in place. Here are how they can be used:

  • Reading light
  • Cosmetic mirror
  • Extended shade
  • Storage pocket
How is a Chrysler sun visor installed?

Installing a visor is a relatively simple process. There is a screw on the L-shaped bar that connects the visor to the interior of the car. This should be removed so that the old visor can be taken down. From there, the new one is put into position. The screw is then inserted and tightened. If only the visor itself is being replaced, it can often clip into the existing mounting bar. You should always review the instructions to ensure that you're installing the visor properly for the model year Chrysler Sebring that you own.

What are the sun visor color options?

When you're buying a sun visor, it's important to match it with the interior of your Chrysler. Not all model years have the same interior color options, so you need to be sure you review the colors.

  • Gray
  • Black
  • Tan
  • Taupe
  • Beige
How do you select a sun visor for your Chrysler?

Buying a visor to block out the sun is important. Whether you're replacing a broken visor or upgrading to one with more features, you should review a few details:

  • Single or set: Determine if you're buying one visor or a set to go into the front seat.
  • Color: Be sure to choose a complementary color to the interior of your Sebring.
  • Features: Find the features that you want such as a plain one or one with a pocket.
  • Model year: Ensure you're buying a part that will fit the model year of your Chrysler Sebring.
  • OEM or aftermarket: Determine if you want the part from an OEM manufacturer or one from a different brand.