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Suede Oxford Dress Shoes For Men

Oxford shoes have been a classic design for men since the early 1800s. The shoe takes its name from the Ivy League University. Oxford remains a dress standard for male shoes and is a basic design recognized by many manufacturers.

Are there suede Oxford dress shoes?

Suede Oxford dress shoes for men are manufactured by male clothing and shoe companies. Men’s dress shoes are crafted into the Oxford as an international standard in dress wear. In most cases, Oxford uses casual materials for men. Suede is manufactured from animal hide that includes deer, calf, goat, pig, and lamb. The underside of each animal leather is treated instead of the upper-side of the hide. This results in a leather with a low, shaggy appearance and a soft texture. The napped finish of the hide is what makes the dress shoe suede.

What colors and sizes are available?
  • Colors: Models made from suede use traditional shades of brown. Most designers who produce this shoe provide a color spectrum of blue, green, or white. Other solid hues, like red, yellow, and black, are also mixed with formal or casual graphic designs.
  • Sizes: This shoe’s mold is made in all men’s sizes, widths, and heights. Those sizes begin from 6 to 13.5. The widths fall between narrow, average, or wide. Wide measurements consist of 3 and 11/16 to 4 and 3/4. Narrow sizes range from 3 and 5/16 to 4 and 3/16. See manufacturer site for details.
What are some standard features in Oxford shoes?

Oxford suede is made with casual stitching that was intended to look dressier. Oxfords use a vamp to hide inlets. Classic manufacturing for the Oxford uses a limited color scheme and hidden stitching, which tuck in the vamps and can be made from one piece of leather in some cases.

These are more features and styles:

  • The loafer: The suede loafer takes from the Oxford model and makes it a “slip-on.” The loafer is made without laces and often has a low heel with a mixture of light-weight leather stitched in. Loafers are also made formal with classical colors, textures, and patterns.
  • Winged and capped toes: Oxford shoes use special cuts of leather to create traditional and modern patterns, and this often begins with designs on the toe of the shoe. Capped toes have a single leather piece over the tip of the shoe whereas winged pieces use paisley and other classic leather designs.
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