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Classic Style and Function: Vintage Studebaker Cars and Trucks

Studebaker was a highly influential car manufacturer that made many attractive vehicles. These include cars that were built at the Studebaker-Packard Corporation plant in South Bend, Indiana as well as another in Hamilton, Ontario. While the last Studebaker might have rolled off the line in 1966, you can still find many vintage cars for sale through private sellers. These include many that have copies on display at the Studebaker National Museum in South Bend. Browse the offerings on eBay, which includes listings of Studebaker cars of multiple models, each in different conditions, creating a multitude of price points to fit your budget.

Popular Studebaker Models to Consider

There are several model choices to look at when finding a Studebaker for sale. This is only a small sampling of the Studebaker models you can find today:

  • Avanti - The Studebaker Avanti features a classy chrome front bumper and contoured front with a V8 engine.
  • Lark - The company's compact car, the Studebaker Lark, was built in both the main South Bend plant and the Hamilton plant.
  • Champion - This automobile is available in a station wagon and convertible format. The vehicle was popular for its high fuel economy during World War II.
  • Hawk - The tailfins on the end of the Studebaker Hawk make it an immediately recognizable auto.
  • Wagonaire - The retractable sliding roof at the end made this station wagon innovative at the time for helping people carry more items. The large wheelbase makes the car stand out.
  • Commander - This car dates back to the 1920's and is available in sedan and convertible forms.

These vehicles include unique layouts and physical bodies, with many of them having been designed by the iconic industrial designer Raymond Loewy.

How Are Different Models Distinguished from Each Other?

You can find many Studebaker automobile choices in today's market, but you must look at what makes each model different:

  1. See what the model year is. The year can dictate the features of the vehicle. The Studebaker Champion was a full-size model up until 1952 when the Champ became a mid-size car.
  2. Review which plant the car was built at. Any vehicles made after 1964 were built in Hamilton and not in South Bend.
  3. Check out the quality of the engine. The engines for Studebaker vehicles changed over time. Early Starliner vehicles had V6 engines and manual transmissions. Later models offered V8 and automatic setups.
  4. See how well the top works. Many of the company's models were made with both hardtop and convertible designs in mind.
  5. Review how well the parts are built. Cars with their original parts intact are more valuable. But many new parts can also be produced to keep these high-performance vehicles running to their original specifications.

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