Color Sounds With Strymon Pedals

Strymon pedals provide you with the opportunity to color your instruments sound in both a recording and live setting. There are various effects to choose from that can be used in a variety of ways. New and used Strymon pedals are useful for both instrumental and production purposes. 

What types of pedals does Strymon produce? 

Strymon produces a wide variety of effects that can add depth to any audio signal. These effects include the following:  

  • Reverb
  • Delay
  • Tremolo
  • Compressor

Each effect adds a certain color or adjustment to the audio signal being produced. The delay pedal will add an "echo" type of effect where the initial audio signal will repeat itself and gradually get quieter during each repeat depending on how high the "feedback" setting is. You can adjust how fast or slow the sound repeats to match the context of a composition. Strymons reverb pedals will take the audio signal and make the sound "washier" and add sustenance to a notes quality. There are different types of reverbs that will provide this effect on different levels. A "chamber" reverb, for example, will have more echo and make it sound like the instrument is being played in a bigger room, like a cathedral. You can change how much of this effect you want to hear through the "mix" knob. 

Uses of Strymon pedals 

You can use these pedals to add to the tone of a live instrument being played, to change effects, or to adjust the tone of the instrument to fit the room it is being played in. If you are producing music, you can plug it into a DAW (digital audio workstation) in order to automate audio signals that have already been recorded using the "re-amping" method. 

Connectivity options for Strymon pedals 

You can connect these pedals to an amplifier with an instrument cable and then proceed to use various instruments of your choice. You can use it to color the tone of a guitar/bass, or you can use it to supplement an effect coming from a non-stringed instrument such as an electric keyboard. Many Strymon pedals will also come with USB jacks so that they can be plugged into a laptop with recording software via a USB cable in order to add their respective effects to a MIDI track. 

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