Make the Right Impression With Storefront Doors

The storefront door is the first thing potential customers notice when they come to your business. Purchasing the right storefront doors at excellent prices from eBay can get your business off to a great start and help make a positive first impression. Understanding how different doors work, how they look, and what they can do for you will help you find the set that meets your business needs.

What kinds of storefront doors can you get?

Commercial storefront doors can come in several varieties. Each type of door has its own properties that might be useful to you. Some of the most common types of doors you will come across include:

  • Aluminum - Aluminum storefront doors have lightweight yet durable frames that are great for long-lasting options that wear well over time. Note that many of these doors have coatings that can match the exterior of your building.
  • Glass - Glass storefront doors allow customers to get a glimpse inside and are also a good choice if you want to post any business signage or lettering that is easy for people to see from the street.
  • Combination - Many storefront doors feature a combination of glass or metal and may already include signage or decals for your convenience.
Choosing a set of storefront doors for your needs

eBay sells a huge variety of doors that you can use for the front of your business. There are a couple of ways you might go about choosing the right set of doors for your needs:

  • Finish - The aluminum frames on the doors often come with a finish that is designed to alter the color of the doors or help them withstand the elements. You can choose the finish that matches the decor of your building.
  • Number - You may want a single door for the front of your store or a set of double doors that can both swing open or closed.
  • Size - Storefront doors are typically measured for width and height in inches. You can see the manufacturer site for details.
When should you buy used commercial storefront doors?

You will find a great selection of both new and pre-owned storefront doors for sale on eBay. Pre-owned doors can be a great idea for your business if you need some storefront door repair done and want to get a set that is as close as possible to your old doors at a reasonable price point. In many cases, used storefront doors still have a functioning frame and intact glass panes, making them a great choice for outfitting your business. Purchasing pre-owned doors can help you install multiple sets cheaply if you need to do so.