All-In-One Transport Needs: The Step Van

For mobile food and other transport, a step van does everything. Whereas a box truck uses a separate cabin attached to a base, a step van uses an all-in-one layout. The design allows you to step in and out of the vehicle with a full-size door on one side, while a rear door makes it easier for you to load items into the space. The model is useful for when youre looking to transport various items anywhere, but you must also see how the van is organized for your use. You can find such options from Freightliner, Ford, and Chevrolet among many others.

Your step van may be utilized for delivery purposes or as a food truck, but no matter what you wish to do with your van, you have to look at what a van like this from Ford, Freightliner, Workhorse, or other companies has to offer. Browse eBays wealth of offerings in new and used conditions.

What Size Step Van Should You Consider?

Be aware of the size of the cargo van. You must have enough cargo space to make it easier for you to secure items on the inside. Many of todays Freightliner and Chevrolet Step-Van models come with bodies that are 15 to 20 feet in length.

Check on the capacity of the cargo van as well. For instance, the Freightliner MT55 offers a payload capacity of 19,000 pounds, while the smaller Freightliner MT45 handles around 10,000 pounds, for instance.

Getting the Vehicle Moving

You have to see how well the truck runs. The engine and other features must be strong enough on your vehicle to keep it moving:

  • Review the transmission based on the ability of the unit to handle several speeds. The truck should handle a 6-speed layout to ensure the vehicle can accelerate well no matter how much weight you are adding.
  • Look at the fuel type your engine make can handle. Diesel and gas engines are available in many step van models.
  • See what the horsepower rating in an engine is. A Cummins engine may offer more horsepower than many other engines, for example. This point for sales makes it easier for you to tow heavier items.
  • The wheels need to be large enough to keep the van running well. Many Freightliner and Ford truck models include 17 to 20-inch wheels.

Look at the Frame Rails

The frame rails on a step van are placed on the sides of the vehicle. The rails need a sturdy foundation to help you handle the entire payload of whatever you are towing. The rails should also provide a balance of weight all around. This is to keep the van from rolling over or accidentally opening its rear door. These may be found on more recent model year in most cases.

What About a Liftgate?

You can also add a liftgate to the end of the vehicle. The gate uses a mechanism that lifts heavy materials up and down, so you can roll something into a vehicle. This should be suitable for most of the lifting needs you wish to utilize, especially if you need to get large cooking appliances added to a food truck or you have massive and bulky items for delivery purposes.

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