Viewing Upon the High Sea is a Breeze with the Steiner 7x50 Binoculars

The Steiner Marine 7x50 binoculars are ideal when you plan on setting sail. These binoculars increase your visibility and are designed with your safety in mind. Find a wide range of Steiner 7x50 binoculars available on eBay.

What are the key features of the Steiner 7x50 binoculars?

The Steiner 7x50 marine binoculars offer professional-quality viewing capabilities. These binoculars are packed with features to ensure you enjoy your viewing experience when even out on the roughest waters. Some of the key features include the following:

  • Waterproof - Made from durable rubberized materials, the Steiner 7x50 binoculars work well in wet conditions and provide gripping capabilities with their ergonomic ridges and pads that offer comfort.
  • 7x Magnification - This magnification is of a marine standard. The wide, stable image tracking gives you the capability to locate buoys, boats, and bridge numbers when out on even the roughest waters.
  • Sports Auto Focus System - Focus the eyepieces to your desired vision just once. From there, the binoculars maintain the setting and provide razor-sharp imaging from 20 yards and beyond. Don't worry about trying focus in on moving objects as the settings will stay for you.
  • High Contrast Optics - Enjoy viewing capabilities of even the brightest and sharpest contoured images. The natural color definition offers an enjoyable experience for beginners as well as the advanced user.
  • Floating Prism System - The flexible silicone lens built into the binoculars aids in absorbing shock, abuse, and impact without experiencing damage to the device.
What are the Steiner Marine 7x50 binoculars' specifications?

The Steiner 7x50 marine binoculars weigh in at 36.3 ounces. This weight includes the basic setup and does not account for accessories such as the neck strap or aftermarket lens caps. The width of the binoculars is 8.1 inches, and they have a height of 5.5 inches. These measurements are important to note when searching for aftermarket cases and accessories to fit the Steiner 7x50 Marine binoculars.

How does the Sports Auto Focus System work?

The Sports Auto Focus System is a patented technology created by Steiner. This function allows your binoculars to shoot a beam at an object you are trying to focus on through the binoculars. This beam measures the distance between the object and your binocular lens at the point when the lens is completely focused in without blurry feedback. The Sports Auto Focus System remembers this measurement and provides the same focus for all subsequent viewing experiences you make with the binoculars.

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