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Rocking Out With a Steinberger Bass Guitar

The bass forms the backbone of many modern bands, spanning several genres from jazz to rock and everything in between. Many aspiring musicians will recognize the name Steinberger. Steinberger basses stand out from typical bass guitars and look radically different. There are numerous models of guitars and basses available on eBay from a variety of sellers, as well as many accessories, like pedals, bass amps, and cases.

What Makes a Steinberger Bass Different?

To say that Steinberger basses, designed by the acclaimed musician Ned Steinberger, are unique is an incredible understatement. These models are vastly different from what most people consider to be a typical bass guitar.

  • All of the models from Steinberger are headless and have a minimalist look.
  • Many famous musicians use these bass guitars on stage, including Lou Reed, Mr. Hardgroove, and Ken Sinnaeve.
  • There are both four-string and five-string models available (the 5th string being a B), and basses range from entry-level to professional.

Which Features Do These Basses Have?

There are many features that Steinberger basses have that make them popular choices.

  • Because of their headless design, these basses are quite lightweight and are also easily portable.
  • Many know these basses for their bold designs and smooth tonal response, as well as their solid intonation at any position on the neck of the instrument.
  • Steinberger makes these bases with quality in mind, constructing them out of many quality woods. For example, the XT-2 Standard electric bass has a three-piece hard maple neck and a poplar body.

Which Models Are Available?

There are a few different models to choose from depending on what you want.

  • The XT-2 Standard bass is a four-string bass that has a patented doubleball bass bridge, 40:1 ratio direct-pull tuning, and quality humbucker pickups for optimal sound. It is available in many colors including black, frost blue, and yin yang gloss. There is also a left-hand version available.
  • The XT-25 Standard Outfit bass is a deluxe five-string bass that uses full-tone bridge and neck pickups, as well as controls for both pickups. This bass consists of hard maple and poplar, and has a gloss finish. It is a part of the Steinberger Spirit Collection and is available in both white and black.
  • The XT-2DB is an interesting option in that it has a DB tuner system that allows for instant drop tuning of the low E-string to D. Steinberger designs this bass with tone in mind, even while using the drop tuning. This bass has 24 frets, a neck shape inspired by the 1960s, and a gloss finish. It is also a part of the Spirit Collection and is available in black.

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