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Oldsmobile Cutlass Steering Wheels and Horns

The steering wheel and horn are two of the most important functional and safety components on your Oldsmobile Cutlass. When either part is broken or malfunctioning, it can prevent you from driving your car or endanger you on the road. Choose from a range of horn and steering wheel assemblies or individual parts to make a repair and get your Cutlass back in driving condition.

What is typically included in an Oldsmobile steering wheel package?

A steering wheel package often includes everything you need for installation in your Cutlass. It’s important to check the specs carefully, however, as some products come with a stand-alone steering wheel unit. Common package components include:

  • Steering wheel unit: The round device used to control the direction of the tires on your Oldsmobile
  • Horn: May include the exterior horn contact button and the interior electronics
  • Clock spring: A coiled piece of metal that connects the steering wheel unit to the horn and the airbag system
  • Hub: Connects the steering wheel assembly to the steering column on your Oldsmobile
  • Hardware: Nuts, bolts, screws, and electrical connectors that link each component to each other and the car
What are the parts of an Oldsmobile Cutlass horn?

Most Oldsmobile Cutlass cars use electric horns. The horn is controlled by an electric module that sits inside the steering wheel hub. Electrical connectors link the module to the power system in the car. A cap sits on top of the module; when you push on the horn activator in the cap, it makes contact with the module and activates the sound of the horn.

What are some controls on Oldsmobile electric steering wheel units?

Some Cutlass vehicles are compatible with electric steering wheel units. These models contain electronic controls in addition to the horn module; the controls enable you to adjust common functions while you drive so that you don’t have to look away from the road for long. Some button options include:

  • Cruise controls
  • Radio controls
  • Climate controls
How can you choose the right horn or steering wheel?

Use these steps to find the right part for your vehicle.

  • Pick a type, such as the horn or steering wheel assembly.
  • Choose a part like control modules, steering wheel units, hubs, caps, horn activators, or electric control panels.
  • Enter your Cutlass year and model to see only compatible products.
  • Choose a brand. Oldsmobile OEM parts or aftermarket brands such as AC Delco, Dorman, and Grant are available.
  • Select a color. Exterior components are available in black, blue, brown, gray, and many more colors.
  • Double-check the compatibility. Check the individual item specs to make sure the horn or steering wheel assembly fits your car.