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Ford Ranger Steering Wheels and Horns

Ford Ranger steering wheels and horns can be found from many brands, including BoostWaves, ACDelco Professional, OxGord, and the original equipment manufacturer, also known as OEM. In addition, many of these are compatible with multiple Ford Ranger models. With a wide range of steering wheels and horns to choose from, you can find what you need for your Ford Ranger.

What types of items are available?
  • Horn: Horns are designed first and foremost to be placed directly into the steering wheel of your vehicle. They can act as replacements for horns that no longer work when pressed or have a fainter sound than you would like.
  • Steering wheel: Many different types and styles of steering mechanisms can be found for your Ford Ranger truck, providing you with a wide range of choices when it comes to parts. They also come in a large variety of materials and colors.
  • Steering wheel cover: These car parts are also available in numerous designs and color options, allowing you to select one that will bolster the feel of your steering wheel while at the same time help protect the steering wheel from damage and help keep it clean.
Which materials are steering wheels made from?
  • Aluminum: This metal is lightweight and is designed to be 100% recyclable. It typically comes with a vast array of finishing options, and it provides a certain amount of corrosion resistance for your Ford. In addition, it becomes stronger in cold environments and is fire-resistant.
  • Chrome: This is a thin metal plating that is sometimes added to items to provide them with an increased durability as well as a shiny appearance that can change their aesthetic. Despite how thin chrome plating is, it is known to be a highly durable metal.
  • Leather: Steering wheel covers available for your Ford Ranger typically come in leather, which is a natural fabric that is durable and resistant to general wear and tear. It is designed with style in mind, and it is typically selected for its unique look.
  • Wood: Some of the steering wheels available for your Ford Ranger vehicle come in wood, which offers a stylized appearance to the interior of your Ranger. This material can come in a variety of colors and is tough.
What colors do steering wheels and horns come in?

The majority of color choices are black and gray, but other options include blue, brown, red, tan, and white. Many steering wheels and horns are also available in multiple colors in combinations like red and black and brown and black.