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Ford Bronco Steering Wheels and Horns

The Ford Bronco was a multi-purpose vehicle manufactured from the 1960s to the 1990s. To keep these vehicles in top shape, Bronco drivers often need replacement parts. If the Bronco's steering wheel or horn has started to malfunction, drivers have several replacement options.

How do Ford Bronco steering wheels function?

When a Ford Bronco driver turns the steering wheel, it engages the entire steering system, forcing the vehicle to turn on command. The steering wheel is attached to the steering shaft, which connects with the steering rack via pinion gear. This rack-and-gear assembly transforms the rotational energy of the steering wheel into the side-to-side movement of the Ford Bronco wheels.

How does the steering wheel horn work?

Ford Bronco horns are usually located under the front grille. The horn noise is produced by a vibrating diaphragm, which is powered by a contact breaker and an electromagnet. The main horn components are susceptible to wear and tear because they're located in the front region of the Bronco. Rain, debris, and other contaminants can affect the circuit or the horn itself.

What's the difference between OEM wheels and aftermarket wheels?

When drivers need to purchase new Ford Bronco wheels, they have two major options:

  • OEM wheels: OEM wheels refer to options manufactured by Ford. As long as Ford Bronco owners select steering wheels compatible with their Ford Bronco models and years, they’re sure to fit properly.
  • Aftermarket wheels: Because a new Ford Bronco SUV hasn't been released since the 1990s, some Bronco owners may have to turn to aftermarket options. These are not made by Ford, but they are designed to be compatible with a wide variety of vehicles. Aftermarket wheels are functional and stylish options.
What material options are available?

When Ford Bronco owners want to revamp their steering system, they can choose between several wheel materials. The basic structure of the wheel is usually made of metal and/or wood. This structure may be covered in leather, fabric, rubber, or plastic. As wheels are one of the most frequently used parts of the car, drivers should make sure to select their preferred material.

What are the common wheel styles?

There are several styles of steering wheels, which include:

  • Chain link: This style of wheel is distinguished by the chain links that circle the rim.
  • Adjustable: Not all wheels are fixed in place. Some, like the telescope wheel or tilt wheel, have adjustable features. This makes them ideal for SUVs used by multiple drivers with varied heights or steering preferences.
  • Banjo: With banjo-style wheels, wires are strung like banjo strings to absorb shock in the event of an accident.