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Steering Wheels and Horns for Chevrolet Impala

As a proud Chevrolet Impala owner, you know the thrill of getting behind the wheel of your vehicle every single time. A steering wheel can set the foundation for many more happy miles ahead while also providing that confidence and control that you've come to expect from your Impala.

What types of steering wheels and horns are available?

As steering wheels and horns for Chevrolet Impala represent vital safety parts that cannot be compromised in any way, Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM models are a great choice. However, many aftermarket models available will also meet your needs. You must match your model year exactly to ensure proper operation due to a large number of embedded components. The components that must match include the airbag module, horn control, any audio controls, and the steering column. While some can be programmed to match, the fitting must work correctly. Options for wheel cover styles include:

  • Wood-grain: Try an upscale look with a wood-grain cover.
  • Leather with custom stitching: Add a rally-inspired look to your Impala with a kit that encapsulates the entire wheel in a leather cover with contrasting stitching.
  • Leatherette: This leatherlike material is durable and easy to clean.
How do you replace the horn in a Chevrolet Impala?

When you need to replace the horn in your Impala, you first want to ensure that you select the correct replacement. Whichever one you choose needs to be compatible with the existing mounting bracket and electrical connection on your horn. When you receive your replacement horn, follow these steps to replace it.

  1. Pop the hood and remove the clips holding the passenger's side headlight in place.
  2. Slide out the headlight, and either disconnect it or set it aside on your bumper.
  3. Disconnect the power to the horn, and use a 10mm socket to remove it from the vehicle body.
  4. Remove the old bracket if your new horn is not equipped with one and install it on the new horn.
  5. Install the new horn by tightening the bolt, reinstalling the electrical connection and the headlight. Test for proper operation using your key fob or physical horn button.
How do you replace the wheel on a Chevrolet Impala?

If you need to replace the entire assembly, you must ensure you have the correct tools, the most important of which is the puller. These pullers are manufacturer-specific, so you must ensure you have one made for an Impala.

  1. Remove the trim on the steering column.
  2. Open the trim in front of the air bag, then remove the air bag by opening the clips located behind the assembly, then disconnect the electrical connection to the air bag.
  3. Remove the bolt holding the assembly on, put in the J-hooks for the puller, and pull up on it.
  4. Disconnect all remaining electrical connections and remove the assembly.
  5. Reverse the process to install a new wheel.