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How to Buy LEGO Star Wars Toys

LEGO building toys have been teaching kids hand-eye coordination and opening up imaginations for decades. These small, interlocking bricks are part ofmodernpopular culture, and the toys are available as everything from superheroes to characters from the Star Wars film franchise. Star Wars figures not only represent some well-known characters but the film series' vehicles as well.

What Are LEGO Minifigures?

Minifigures are the pieces of Star Wars LEGO toys that come in the shape of characters. Aminifigureis buildable, and after it's complete, it may look like Princess Leia, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, or a stormtrooper. Star Wars sets come with assorted characters included, or you can collect the action figures separately to let them interact with each other or mix and match them in numerous sets for imaginative playtime.

  • Rey is a character that debuted in "The Force Awakens." When playsets came out that represented that movie, she was shown in her white and tan Jakku outfit, though newer versions of Rey from "The Last Jedi" show the figure in her Jedi training robes.
  • Han Solo has seen numerous variations since the sets were first released. He has worn his standard outfit and sported a Hoth look, and there was also an exclusive figure featuring Han wearing a gold medal.
  • Darth Vader is one ofcollectors'favoritefigures, and some variations include battle-damaged Darth Vader and Vader with various facial expressions under his helmet.

What Are Some Star Wars Sets?

With each movie release and to celebrate the classic films, new playsets are released. A building set usually features one vehicle as well as several figures that go with that vehicle, while other sets may just come with one detailed vehicle, meaning that are many sets from which to select.

  • A Kessel Run Millennium Falcon set comes with enough pieces to build the entire ship. This is a large, detailed set that features over 1,400 pieces and comes with seven action figures, including two droids, Chewbacca, and Lando Calrissian.
  • The First Order Star Destroyer set offers pieces that create the ship itself along with five characters representing the Order, such as Supreme Leader Snoke.
  • You can also build a TIE fighter with the Imperial TIE fighter set. This distinct building set comes with components to build the vehicle as well as four characters that include a stormtrooper and Han Solo.

Which Ages Are Star Wars Toys Appropriate For?

LEGO Star Wars sets offer enjoyable construction toys for kids as well as adults, but since the sets and toys contain very small pieces and parts and since there are numerous levels of difficulty, there are also age recommendations for many of the sets and figures.

  • The age range for younger children is 6 to 8. Kids in this age group can play with sets that feature fewer pieces, so the building set isn't too difficult for smaller children. Some of these sets include Han Solo's Landspeeder and the Rebel U-Wing Fighter.
  • Kids from 9 to 11 can enjoy more complicated sets with additional parts, like the Resistance Bomber or the BB-8 model.
  • Bigger kids the age of 12 and up can enjoy the most detailed sets, like the 4,000-piece Death Star.

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