Star Trek Pinball Machine

Equip Your Game Room With a Star Trek Pinball Machine

The Star Trek franchise has reached multiple industries since its creation decades ago. eBay hosts several original pinball machines from various television shows or phases in the history of Star Trek. Familiarizing yourself with some of the games youll find here could help you find a new or preowned machine that you need for your vintage game room.

What are some features of these pinball machines?

Star Trek pinball machines on eBay are available in several varieties or editions. Some of them share similar features or broad themes. Some common features these machines share are:

  • Themed artwork - You can find pinball machines from different eras of the Star Trek franchise. Each one will feature some artwork specific to that era.
  • Custom models - Some pinball machines include scale models of Star Trek starships or other accessories.
  • Lights - The playfields include animated laser shows and LED lights during each game.
  • Special buttons - Several machines include buttons for "firing" ship missiles and the enemy.
What versions of these machines are available?

You may wish to find a pinball machine that represents a specific point in the history of the franchise. eBay has search parameters that you can use to narrow your results and find games that come from your favorite version of Star Trek. Some affordable editions youll find on eBay include:

  • Star Trek Vengeance - This version takes inspiration from the recent blockbuster film series as you take on the role of young Captain James T. Kirk.
  • The Next Generation - Some models are inspired by the voyages of the Enterprise-D from the television series of the 1980s and 90s.
  • Original Series - Some of these items feature artwork and themes that come from the original television series that started the franchise.
Can you purchase used items?

eBay sells Star Trek pinball machines in new, used, and refurbished conditions. You may find some advantages to purchasing a game that is not brand-new out of the box. In some cases, a used unit can also be refurbished. A refurbished game should look and perform like a brand-new one but feature a lower price tag as a preowned item. eBay may have information on which parts of the playfield were taken off, replaced, or repaired.

What brands can you get?

Some of the following brands produce these items:

  • Bally
  • Data East
  • Stern