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Star Fox 64

"Star Fox 64," released in Europe and Australia under the title "Lylat Wars," is a 3-D scrolling space shooter developed by Nintendo and released exclusively for the Nintendo 64 in 1997. A sequel to the hit Super Nintendo Entertainment System game "Star Fox," the game pits the main character, Fox McCloud, against the mad scientist Andross and a mercenary team known as Star Wolf. The name of the game, "Star Fox," derives from the team of pilots the anthropomorphic main character leads.

What is "Star Fox 64"?

"Star Fox 64" for the N64 is a science-fiction video game in which the player must fight their way through a series of space-based and ground-based levels to complete the game. The types of levels are split between auto-scrolling shooters, in which the player is forced forward by a scrolling screen and the range of movement is limited, and a free-range mode that pits the player in a dogfight against more difficult AI opponents in a large combat arena.

A spaceship known as the Arwing is the main means of traversal through the space-based levels. The ground-based levels feature a tank-like Landmaster and an underwater submarine. At the end of each auto-scrolling level is a unique boss that requires cleverness and skill to defeat. The player is also aided by several wingmen that provide assistance and unique abilities. Nintendo's N64 was one of the first consoles to feature full 3-D graphics, so "Star Fox 64" was a huge leap forward for its time.

What is the gameplay like in "Star Fox 64"?

"Star Fox 64" for the Nintendo 64 is primarily known for its fast-paced action. Players must be cognizant of both enemy positioning and environmental hazards strewn throughout the level. The Arwing has a boost meter, which can be used to perform four special moves:

  • Boost
  • Brake
  • Somersault
  • U-turn (available in All-Range Mode battles only)

The player must use these special moves to outmaneuver enemies and defeat them. The game features little variation in enemy placement and patterns, so the difficulty can be overcome through practice and memorization. In place of the usual artificial difficulty system, the game features a branching level system, in which new levels are unlocked by fulfilling certain objectives such as defeating the boss under a certain time limit. Only by completing the hardest route can the player unlock the true ending.

Although "Star Fox 64" primarily features a "survive and advance" style of play, in which the objective is to complete the level in a limited number of lives, the player can retry each separate level indefinitely to achieve a high score and compete for medals. Obtaining all the medals will unlock new features such as a more difficult Expert Mode.

In addition, the game features four-player, local split-screen multiplayer, letting you compete against three other friends across different modes. Available modes include a point match, battle royale, and time trial. Players can also set handicaps on themselves if they wish.

Do you need a Nintendo 64 console to play?

The "Star Fox 64" cartridge only works on the Nintendo 64 console. However, Nintendo did release an updated version of "Star Fox" for the Nintendo 3DS handheld device that features updated graphics, motion controls, and a unique 3-D effect.

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