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Generac Home Generators

When you need to power your home during a power outage, Generac offers a range of options. They make many portable and automatic solutions to help you during an emergency. Here are a few factors to consider when searching for a back-up power source for your home.

How does a generator work?

It provides an auxiliary power source when your utility service is disrupted and your home power becomes unavailable. If you live in an area prone to severe weather, a Generac unit becomes valuable. It will allow you to continue meeting your household needs with minimal disruption.

How do you choose a Generac generator?

A standby generator automatically activates when a utility disruption occurs while a manual unit provides portability. When determining the right type for you, consider the following:

  • Power output - Will you need to power your entire home or can you manage with only your critical appliances during an outage? It's important to make sure your unit can support all of the devices you need.
  • What can be powered Make a list of the critical items you would need if your home loses power. What are the most important devices you will need? Many people will account for their refrigerators and cell phones as their primary items.
  • Wattage How much power do your electronics use? Once you have a list of everything you run, you will need to determine how much power each of those items consume. Add up the total number of watts and that will determine the needed output for your Generac generator.
Which is better: a manual or an automatic standby generator?

Generac has both manual and standby generators available. You will need to consider these factors when deciding the type of generator you will need:

  • Energy consumption: This need will largely determine the type of generator you need. If you need to power your entire house or need large outputs greater than 10,000 watts, a Generac standby generator may be right for you. This is due to its size and its permanent connection to a fuel source, such as natural gas.
  • Portability: If you want to take your Generac backup generator with you when you move, then you will want a generator that offers portability and simple installation. A generator that can use other fuel sources such as gasoline or diesel is also useful. Just make sure it can push the right amount of watts and support all your needed devices during an emergency.
  • Ease of use: One major benefit of having a Generac standby generator is the auto transfer switch. It can automatically activate your generator when an outage occurs. A manual transfer switch can also be used to connect a portable energy source to your house.
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