Stair Treads

Minimising wear and tear on your stairway flooring and improving the safety on the stairs are just two reasons for considering stair treads. Aside from looking at special non-slip options for a safety aspect, you can also make your stairway look more attractive by using stair treads as an interesting design feature. You may opt for a premium quality product if the look and feel is especially important. You can also find unique used items to stretch your budget a bit further.


Braided stair treads are usually a durable, attractive way of protecting your stairway. Using a variety of materials to weave long-lasting, unique patterns, braided designs are often a great centrepiece to any hallway. They work especially well in traditionally styled homes, but the range of patterns and styles means there's something for any house.
Examples include handcrafted treads using natural jute fibres, oval-shaped non-slip designs, and tweed treads with eye-catching patterns.


If a traditionally inspired fabric stair tread wouldn't fit with your home or furnishings, you can still protect your stairway with a modern design. Practical products like non-slip rubber pads are just one option. You can also find carpet stair pads, clear anti-skid textured safety tape, and night luminous glowing stepping mats. As with any kind of stair tread, it's important to ensure they fit correctly and are completely secured to the floor to avoid any trips or slips.

Traditional European

For something with a bit more of a continental vibe, traditional European stair treads are a great option. Designs range from the more simplistic to European royal palace types. These come in colors like red and neutrals, with ornate patterned prints. They often work well on stone stairways. Typical products include acrylic blends with non-slip bases and colorful, grand-looking prints to soft carpet stair treads in versatile neutrals.