Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Stair Machines and Steppers

When you want a workout without leaving the house, a machine is a convenient option. That’s where a stair machine can help; it activates some of the largest muscles in your body, giving you an intense workout. Plus, since most models have a vertical orientation, they take up less space than other cardio equipment.

Brands of stair machines to consider

Some of the brands that make affordable stair climber machines include:

  • StairMaster: This brand makes a variety of stair climbers. The Freeclimber models feature a minimalist design and a simple, two-pedal climbing unit. StairMaster also makes mill-style climbers that feature a rotating set of stair treads for a more intense workout.
  • MaxiClimber: This brand makes minimalist-style stair climbers. With their compact frames, these units are ideal for home use. Most MaxiClimber products are manual, so they use your body weight rather than a motor.
  • Bowflex: Bowflex manufactures stair steppers that have powerful motors and multiple preset programs; each one offers varying levels of resistance, which is created by the motor.
  • VersaClimber: This brand makes a variety of vertical climbing machines. Most of the brand’s products include an upper-body component; it mimics the experience of using your hands to climb up a wall or ladder. These machines feature minimalist frames that fit into small home gyms.
Available features on stair stepper machines

When you’re looking for a stair stepper for sale on eBay, some of the features you can choose from include:

  • Calorie and step counters: These displays help you keep track of your workout by showing the number of calories you burn and the number of steps you take. These features are available on both manual and electronic stair climbers.
  • Workout programs: Some stair climbers come with preset workout programs. Once you activate them, they take you through a series of resistance and speed changes.
  • Foldable frames: If you have limited space in your home, a stair climber with a folding frame is a good choice. These models collapse into compact units, so you can tuck them into a corner or a closet.
  • Adjustable incline: Sometimes, a stair climber for sale enables you to change the incline. This feature is largely available on vertical climbers that feature upper and lower body components.
When should you buy a used stair climber or used stair stepper on eBay?

A stepper machine can come with a high price tag; buying used often saves you a considerable amount of money. When you’re considering a used stepper machine for sale, check to make sure that the electronics are functioning. Then, look at the load-bearing sections, including the step pads and joints, to ensure that it’s free of cracks. Assuming the stair machine is operational and in good condition, it’s usually safe to buy it used.