St. Louis Cardinals Sports Tickets

Enjoy St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Live at Busch Stadium

Whether watching the St. Louis Cardinals play against the Los Angeles Dodgers or New York Mets, games are always better at the ballpark. You can find tickets to see the Cardinals play their rivals at Busch Stadium in St. Louis on eBay.

Where do the Cardinals play home games?

The Cardinals home turf is in downtown St. Louis at Busch Stadium. Many of the seating options there offer views of the city as well as the iconic St. Louis Arch. Interestingly, the current stadium is the third in St. Louis to have the name "Busch Stadium." The MLB team began playing at Sportsman Park, which was renamed "Busch Stadium" after Cardinals owner Gussie Busch. The team moved to downtown St. Louis to the second Busch Stadium in 1966. Seeking to build a larger stadium for more revenue, the newest Busch Stadium was built adjacent to the second one. Naming rights were purchased by Anheuser-Busch to keep the name the same. The Cardinals played their first game there on April 10, 2006.

Seating options for Busch Stadium

The stadium seats 44,494 patrons including 3,706 club seats and 61 luxury suites. The seating options and perks are many. There are four levels of regular seating. There are three main clubs that are on the uppermost level and offer panoramic views of the stadium. These clubs include the National Car Rental Club, Perficient Red Jacket Club, and the UMB Champions Club. There are also all-inclusive options on the main deck areas and often include a buffet and drinks. These exciting all-inclusive seating options include:

  • Homers Landing
  • Left Field Landing
  • Coca Cola Rooftop Deck and Scoreboard Patio
  • Powerade Bridge
  • Commissioners Box
What makes Busch Stadium unique?

The new ballpark was designed specifically to offer fantastic city views as well as those of the adjacent Ballpark Village and St. Louis arch. Architects used the sloping land to allow people in Ballpark Village and on the street to easily see inside the stadium as well. It was designed with a retro feel to bring back the vintage all-brick baseball-park look of the past. It has nearly any type of food available in its many concession stands throughout the stadium. Enhanced see-through netting was extended recently to keep fly balls from hitting people in the stands. A few other unique features of Busch Stadium include:

  • A kids concession stand that serves milk and half-sized hot dogs
  • A playground and climbing features for children
  • Virtual Reality games in the kids area

The newest stadium was funded by the Cardinals. The St. Louis Cardinals can boast 11 World Series Championships. The New York Yankees, Detroit Tigers, and Boston Red Sox have all lost multiple World Series Championships to the Cardinals. Their first championship win was over the Yankees in 1926 while the most recent was over the Texas Rangers in 2011 with the seventh and deciding game being played at Busch Stadium.

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