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St. John Clothing for Women

St. John Knits International was founded in 1962 to sell an upscale line of women's clothing. The company is distinguished by its use of primary colors, its designer-inspired designs, and its classic rayon and wool yarn knits. Coveted fashions include the Jennifer pants, beautifully sequined gowns, and pencil skirts.

What fabrics does the company use to make its garments?

The apparel line specializes in knitwear but is also known for its classic wool and rayon yarn knits. In addition to designing and creating its own material, the company also dyes its own colors. The custom-made dye is known as “caviar,” and is used in many of St. John's black collections. The following are four commonly used fabrics:

  • Rayon: A cellulose fiber than drapes well
  • Silk: A strong, resilient fiber from the silkworm
  • Velvet: A woven fabric with a short pile
  • Satin: A smooth, shiny fabric, often made of silk
What styles of clothes does St. John Offer?

What started as an apparel line consisting of simply knit skirts and coordinating tops has evolved into a collection that now includes dresses, pants, jackets, sweaters and tailored suits. St. John clothing has pieces for occasions that range from work and casual to evening and formal. The versatility of the designs and the use of color and patterns make the clothing line versatile and appropriate for all ages. St. John fashions include the following:

  • Evening wear: This category includes couture wrap coats and dresses, silk blouse and skirt sets, and rhinestone sparkle skirts with matching jackets.
  • Sportswear: Choose from track pants, stretch twill parkas, joggers, and knit bomber jackets.
  • Casual wear: This line includes styles such as sandblasted designer jeans, satin capris, denim flared pants, and velvet cropped jeans.
  • Outerwear: The company's outerwear selection includes knit plaid coats, fur collar draped vests, angora cashmere coat,s and knit cardigans.
What are some distinguishing features of St. John clothing?

In addition to its bright colors, St. John is known for its knit-in hem, a feature that gives a garment a clean edge. The brand's distinguishing characteristic, though, is its use of the elegant wool and rayon textiles invented by Marie St. John in 1963. The knits are still valued for their tight weave, beauty, and durability. The collections include couture, dress, evening, knits, sport, and suits.

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