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Get Rocking With Squier Electric Guitars and Basses

From modest beginnings as a producer of strings for guitars and other string instruments, the Squier brand, purchased by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation in 1965, was reborn as a brand of economical versions of Fender’s original electric guitars and electric bass guitars. Check out eBay for a great range of Squire guitars.

The Squier guitar model range

Fender’s Squier electric guitars and bass guitars are copies of its long-established iconic models, most notably, the flagship model, the Fender Stratocaster, the guitar of choice of many rock legends, past and present. The Squier versions are manufactured by Fender to have specifications approaching those of the original Fender models that they’re based on but at far more affordable prices. Squier models available include:

  • The Contemporary Stratocaster HH: With dual humbucking pickups for noise-free, superior tone, the Contemporary Stratocaster is available in pearl, white, black, and metallic red finishes.
  • The Contemporary Telecaster HH: Produced in dark, metallic red or pearl white, this model features a maple neck and humbucker pickups.
  • The Classic Vibe ‘60s Mustang: This 22-fret model features a maple neck with Indian laurel or rosewood fingerboard and single-coil pickups. It’s produced in sonic blue, fiesta red, and vintage white.
  • The Mini Strat: For smaller hands, the Squier Mini Strat, with its short-scale neck is a popular choice for younger players, learning the basics of electric guitar technique. It features a slim neck and laminated hardwood fingerboard.
  • The Classic Vibe Precision Bass ‘70s: The black, 20-fret Classic Vibe Precision Bass features a maple neck and split single-coil pickups.
  • The Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special: This 20-fret model features a single-coil bridge pickup and a vintage-style split single-coil middle pickup. It’s available in sunburst, black, and crimson finishes.
Left-handed Squire guitars and basses

Some Squire guitar models are produced for left-handed guitarists. These include the Classic Vibe Stratocaster ‘60s, the Affinity Series Telecaster, the Squier Classic Vibe '60s Jazzmaster, and the Vintage Modified Jazz Bass.

Do Squire guitars hold their tuning well?

Yes, precision engineering of the tailpieces and bridges ensures that the tuning remains constant for longer without the need to re-tune. The same precision engineering of precise fret placement avoids any intonation problems.

Where are Squier electric guitars and basses made?

As a cost-cutting measure, Fender manufactures its Squier guitars wherever production costs are more favourable than in the USA, which is its home base. This is what enables the brand to produce Fender quality guitars at affordable prices. Fender has had Squier guitar production facilities in China, India, France, and Japan.