Keep an Eye Out for Trouble With a Spy Watch

The world is full of strange and unusual sights, such as those seen at a unique street performance. It pays to record those events, and using a spy watch will let you do that without intruding on those around you. eBay is the place to look for a cheap spy watch as they are available in many different styles and are equipped with different features.

What special features do you need?
  • Night vision: A spy-watch camera with night vision is a necessity for using the watch at night. People who only wear them during the day can skip this feature, but you will only get good pictures in the dark if the watch has night vision.
  • Waterproof: This feature is important for people who enjoy fishing, boating, or just heading out into the wilderness. A good spy-camera watch can help in those situations because it lets you get pictures of animals and other sights as they appear. Waterproofing helps to prevent damage to the watch if you get caught in bad conditions while recording.
  • High-resolution images: The value of a picture is tied to its quality. A spy-watch camera with HD-video recording capability will get better images than one without it, and that means getting a better record of events.
What style is appropriate for a spy watch?

You might like to get a hidden-camera watch that matches with the rest of your wardrobe so that it doesn't stand out when you wear it. If you tend to wear formal clothes, look for one with a metallic or leather band. If you wear mostly casual outfits, look for plastic components and athletic styling. If you already wear a traditional watch, you can get good results by looking at spy watches with a similar style.

Can you transfer images from a watch to a computer?

Absolutely. Spy watches have some storage space to hold videos and images as you record them, but that space is limited. You can hook them up to a normal computer to transfer the files off of the watch to make space for new ones. That is also how you view the recordings and send them to other people. Most of the watches will use a simple USB system to make that connection. You do need to check each model to see which operating systems it supports to make sure it is compatible with your computer, especially if your computer is using a rare or unusual configuration.