Get the Right Spy Pen for Home or Office

The right spy pen gives you peace of mind and helps you keep track of important information. eBay has a large catalog of pen recorders to help you find the style that fits your needs.

How does a spy pen work?

Spy pens are designed with features that record discretely. Some features of a spy pen may include:

  • Microprocessor: A microprocessor inside the pen processes information from your surroundings and records it in the pen's memory.
  • Hard drive and internal memory: A pen recorder has a certain amount of memory for saving files until you transfer them to your computer or device.
  • Microphone and camera: Pen recorders are designed to be discrete ways of recording, so the microphone and camera are almost imperceptible.
How do you choose the right spy pen?

eBay offers a large selection of pen recorders to suit many different needs. When you are searching for a pen recorder, consider how you will use it and look for features such as:

  • Video quality: The resolution, such as 1080p, 720p, and 420p, relate to video quality on playback and the size of the output device, like as a computer monitor or smartphone. Higher resolution videos are clear on larger devices.
  • Range: A pen recorder has a recommended range for recording. If you are recording business meetings, you may want a longer range to capture what is discussed across the room. Shorter ranges may be suitable for use in your home and smaller areas.
  • Motion/sound detection: If you would like your pen recorder to turn on automatically, motion and sound detection may be beneficial.
  • Night vision: Night vision works in low-light settings to capture video.
  • Internal hard drive: The size of the hard drive inside the pen recorder determines how much video and audio you can capture before downloading to your computer or device. Larger hard drives are capable of holding more low-resolution recordings and higher quality recordings compared to smaller hard drives.
How do you download recordings from a spy pen?

Downloading recordings from a pen recorder can be done via USB or Bluetooth. See the manufacturer's site for details.

How do you charge a spy pen?

A pen recorder may have an internal battery that you replace when power runs low. Some spy pens charge via USB. You may need a USB cable or the spy pen may connect directly to the USB port on your computer. See manufacturer's site for details.