Sports Stickers, Sets and Albums

While almost everyone knows about sports cards, sports stickers have a smaller place in the public consciousness. Popularized by companies like Topps and Panini, sports stickers feature a wide range of options. You can buy baseball stickers, football stickers, basketball stickers, hockey stickers, and even soccer stickers depending on your preference or interest.

What are Some Differences Between Stickers and Cards?

Apart from the obvious physical differences between stickers and cards, there are also a number of differences when it comes to the collectible aspects:

  • Pricing: Collectible sports stickers are usually less expensive than cards. You will often pay much less for MLB stickers than sports cards.
  • Rarity: Collecting stickers is often seen as being all about the sets. This means that rather than focusing on rarity, manufacturers often make it easy to obtain stickers individually so that buyers can get a full run even of vintage football sports stickers.
  • Albums: It's impossible to discuss FIFA World Cup stickers, or any other stickers without considering the albums. Panini football sticker albums are available for both NFL football and soccer. Because the stickers don't have printed backs, the albums are where you find most of the printed information, not on the sticker itself.

Are There Different Types of Stickers?

There are more differences than just the ones between NBA stickers and NHL stickers. There are also different kinds of stickers you can collect including:

  • Player Stickers: These are the most common kind of stickers, and show the players on the front of the sticker.
  • Uniform Stickers: Less common, these stickers show the team uniform and were often produced in foil with a card back.
  • Helmet Stickers: Another uncommon release found among NFL stickers is the helmet sticker. Again often printed on foil, they display the team's helmets.

Collecting Stickers

Often seen as a gateway to card collecting, sticker collecting is a rewarding hobby in its own right. While you may not have the same investment opportunities with stickers that you do with cards you can still build a full collection. The small size of most stickers is also helpful as the entire collection can be stored easily.