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Sporting Goods Gift Cards

Sporting goods gift cards allow you to provide a friend or family member a gift to their favorite sporting goods store without selecting a specific item for them. Gift cards can come in different values and designs, and there are many businesses to choose from, such as Nike, Academy, Callaway, and REI. Here are some questions that may come up when selecting sporting goods gift cards.

How do you select sporting goods gift cards?
  • Choose a brand: Various nationwide retailers offer gift cards that can be used in their locations and online. The sporting goods gift card that you select will be valid at that business. The brand can vary from nationwide locations or can be a small business that offers sporting goods.
  • Choose a style: Some companies will offer gift cards with themes related to holidays, birthdays, graduations, and other events.
  • Choose an amount: Gift cards will be available in different denominations, and in some cases, the printed amount may be different than the balance if the gift cards have been used. Some may also come in multipacks of two, four, or more.
What are some tips for selecting sporting goods gift cards?
  • Review the store location. Some brands may only be available in certain states or locations.
  • Check to See if the gift card can be used at multiple companies. Some companies may have multiple brands that their gift cards can be used for.
What types of sporting goods gift cards are available?
  • Reloadable gift card: This type of gift card can have money added to its balance so that it can be used at the business multiple times. With reloadable gift cards, the company will have specific denominations for the reload amount or will indicate a minimum.
  • Digital gift card: These sporting goods cards are sent to you by email instead of receiving a physical gift card. The email will contain the card number and pin code needed to use it at a location or online. Some digital gift cards will also contain a barcode that can be scanned by a cashier.
  • Sporting goods store gift card: This type will be valid at the store(s) listed on the gift card. These will have a specific dollar amount that is sometimes printed on the face for reference.
What is a store credit gift card?

A store credit gift card is issued by a business in exchange for a merchandise return. The value of this type of card can vary depending on the value of the returned product. Store credit gift cards generally function the same as a normal gift card, but some businesses require them to be used in the store instead of online. The company will state the terms and conditions of the card.