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Dodge Caravan Spoilers and Wings

Replacing or adding spoilers and wings can both help keep your Dodge minivan in good shape and can give you the ability to customize your vehicle. A number of spoiler and wing options are available to help set your Dodge Caravan apart from the rest by giving it its own an aesthetic appeal. They also serve a practical function by making your vehicle more aerodynamic and thus more stable.

What are the benefits of Dodge Caravan spoilers?
  • Grand Caravan spoilers give you better traction: By using aerodynamic force to push down on the vehicle at high speeds, spoilers help keep your car on the road and help with handling.
  • Grand Caravan spoilers can give your passenger minivan better gas mileage: Dodge front spoilers, in particular, can change the airflow to reduce drag on your Dodge minivan so that your van uses less fuel.
  • Grand Caravan spoilers give you increased visibility: Spoilers increase the profile of your Dodge so that other cars can see you better; many Caravan spoilers have a brake light in the center that is closer to eye-level to other drivers. This increases your visibility to other drivers, thereby increasing safety.
  • Dodge Grand Caravan spoilers increase braking efficiency: Spoilers use the increased downward air pressure to help brakes work more efficiently, which allows drivers to have an easier time braking.
What does a Dodge Grand Caravan windshield wiper spoiler do?

Like any spoiler, a Dodge Grand Caravan windshield wiper spoiler uses aerodynamics to create downward force from the air moving over your vehicle. This force pushes down on the windshield wiper as you drive and allows it to properly do its job to remove water. Without the windshield wiper spoiler, your wiper may not press down on the window well enough to move the rain efficiently in certain conditions.

Are Dodge or Chrysler rear spoilers universally compatible?

Some are; however, you should be sure to check that your model and the spoiler you are ordering are compatible. Some spoilers, such as vortex generators, have universal model fits.

What's the difference between OEM spoilers and aftermarket spoilers?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, which means that the part was specifically designed and produced for a particular car model. Aftermarket spoilers are manufactured by third-party companies. One benefit to aftermarket spoilers is that more styles and options may be available for your vehicle. With OEM spoilers, you can be sure to get an exact fit and exact color-match since it was designed for your van model alone.