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Dodge Avenger Spoilers and Wings

Spoilers and wings influence the handling of the Dodge by changing the aerodynamics and the airflow, over and under the vehicle. Spoilers and wings can be integrated into the front bumper, the roof above the rear window, or the trunk. Also, the spoilers can be combined on both the front and rear of the Avenger.

What type of spoilers are made for the Dodge Avenger?

Depending on the benefits you want to achieve, there are five basic types of models. These attachment can be purely for style and exterior changes to the Avenger while some types of spoilers will change the handling.

  • Lighted spoilers: These spoilers are attached to the trunk. They help by adding better visibility. The lights on the spoiler work in conjunction with the brake lights and turn signal lights.
  • Lip spoilers: Lips are installed on the lip of the trunk. The lip runs along the top edge of the trunk, right above the license plate.
  • Pedestal spoilers: These wings are attached to legs, which are attached to the trunk. The wings sit up above the trunk.
  • Roof spoilers: Mounted over the rear window, roof spoilers extend the roof. They do not block vision from the rear window.
  • Front spoilers: These can be an additional attachment to existing front bumpers, or they can be incorporated inside the bumper.
What do spoilers and wings do to the vehicle?

Spoilers and wings offer operational changes to the handling of the Dodge Avenger. They are not for changes in cosmetic appearances alone.

  • Improved braking and traction: Rear spoilers and wings will cause downward pressure on the vehicle and tires when the speed is increased.
  • More fuel efficient: Front spoilers and wings reduce the drag by pushing the airflow under and around the car and wheels. Less drag means the Avenger will get better mileage.
  • Better visibility: Lighted back spoilers help other drivers see you more clearly in poor visibility driving conditions and will better alert other drivers of any stopping or lane changes.
How do you install a spoiler on your Dodge?

For your Dodge, you can choose to buy a spoiler painted or with no paint. If need be, paint and, then, assemble the spoiler before attaching it. For example, pedestal wings will need to have the support legs bolted on first.

  • Step 1: Center position the wing on your trunk and mark the attachment holes on the hood.
  • Step 2: Open the trunk and check the interior, making sure there are no wires in the way of the holes. Drill holes. Stop when the holes will fit the attachment bolts.
  • Step 3: Lightly sand the new holes and paint with touch-up paint. This is a necessary step to keep them from rusting out.
  • Step 4: Put on the assembled and painted wing or the painted bolt holes. This usually takes two people. Attach the wing with the bolts and nuts. Double check to make sure everything is tightened properly and the wing is secure.