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Mazda Miata Splash Guards and Mud Flaps

Though mud flaps are commonly overlooked as an important part of your car, these components are helpful in keeping the vehicle in good condition because they protect your paint job from scratches and the underside of your car from dents and wear and tear. Mazda Miata incorporates these parts to keep this sports car in good condition. There are many Mazda Miata splash guards and mud flaps options that come in an array of sizes, materials, shapes, designs, and more, allowing you to find the right option to meet your needs and style preferences.

What are mud flaps made of?

Mud flaps or splash guards are manufactured in a variety of materials, providing an array of options and allowing for customizability. Mud flaps that are made for Miatas are typically on the smaller side to fit well with the sleek body of the car, and they are commonly made of polyurethane or other hard plastics. Plastics are a common choice because they are customizable, durable, and come in many designs.

Other splash guards may be manufactured using metal or rubber. Rubber is a good option that is resistant to breakage, and metal is durable in extreme weather. When looking to purchase new mudguards for your Miata, consider the benefits and looks of each material.

How do you install mud flaps on a Miata?

Installing new front and rear mud flaps on your Miata may take some patience and precision, but this job is a simple task that you can easily take on at home. Remember that the following steps may vary a bit based on the specific splash guards you buy.

  • Place the new mud flaps in the desired position in the wheel well behind the front and rear tires. Check to make sure you are placing the correct flap on the correct side and end of the Mazda and that there is sufficient room between the guard and the floor.
  • Mark on the guard where the bolts are located to attach the guard to the car as some universal products won't come with holes. Drill holes in the marked spots and ensure that the holes line up on the opposite mud flap for a uniform look.
  • Attach the front and rear mud flaps to the side panel or bumper and frame of the car in the indicated spots.
  • Bolt the bracket to the car on the outside of the flap so that the flap is secured between the bracket and the inner wheel well if the model comes with a bracket. This can be mounted with the guard for extra durability.
What's the difference between OEM and aftermarket mud flaps?

Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM mudguards are components that were created by the original manufacturer of your Mazda Miata vehicle. These products are designed specifically for the model and year of your car. They are also overall high-quality choices.

Aftermarket parts may be made and distributed by second-party dealers. Looking at aftermarket items can be a great idea if you are looking for customizability and know what to look for in a quality product.