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Splash Guards and Mud Flaps for Hyundai Sonata

With a wide selection of splash guards and mud flaps you can find stylish options for your Hyundai Sonata. Logos, patterns, and symbols can make their way onto splash guards for an extra dose of style.

What styles of mud flaps are there?

Many different styles of Hyundai splash guards can be found, including logo, printed, colored, textured, vented, and layered.

  • Logo mud flaps feature a design on the side facing the back of the vehicle so that it is visible to traffic driving with the Hyundai Sonata. These logos come in all sorts of styles from sports teams to organizations to cartoon characters to even monograms of initials or favorite vacation destinations. These sorts of embellishments allow Hyundai owners to add their personal aesthetic to the vehicle.
  • Mud flap colors include black, gray, metallic, blue, red, and specialty. Some flaps with logos may include team or organization colors beyond standard hues. Printed mud flaps include a wide array of patterns, including standards like plaid, stripes, polka dots, and florals. Others are images of paintings or flags.
  • Textured mud flaps may make it easier for mud and snow to stick to them and away from tires. These flaps may be able to prevent spray onto the side of the Hyundai’s body in times of inclement weather. Studded or ribbed mud flaps can trap debris in their nooks and crannies, whereas smooth mud flaps make it easy for the same debris to slide off.
  • Vented mud flaps have strips cut in their fabric, typically horizontally in a series. These stacked openings may let air through so that debris dries more quickly. They also may add to the aerodynamic capability of the Hyundai.
  • Layered splash guards include several pieces of rectangular material in succession. This may help mud and snow to slide off the flap more quickly in certain conditions. The layering creates a flapping effect in the wind.
What materials are splash guards made from?

Typically, splash guards are made from rubber. Rubber is durable enough that it can ride down behind wheels without becoming damaged by rocks or other debris that is kicked up from the road. Rubber is waterproof and is not easily dented or scratched.

How do you clean mud flaps?

Mud flaps can be cleaned during the normal car washing routine. They can also be cleaned separately by hosing them down with a regular garden hose, or wiping them down with water until the debris is gone. You can then let them air dry.