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Hyundai Elantra Splash Guards & Mud Flaps

The Hyundai Elantra is a compact sedan that features a sleek look and comfortable ride, making this a great everyday car. Mud flaps, also known as splash guards, are a common accessory for a Hyundai because they help protect the car from rocks, mud, and other debris that may fly from under the tires and damage the underside of the car. There are many Hyundai Elantra splash guards and mud flaps offered, providing many choices that can make a great addition to your vehicle.

How do you install rear splash guards on an Elantra?

The task is very simple if you have the tools needed to do the job. Note that the process may be different depending on the splash guards you plan to install and the model and year of your specific Hyundai.

  • Hold your new mud flaps in position on the desired spot on the bumper in the wheel well behind your rear tire. Be sure to leave sufficient space between the floor and the bottom of the mud flap. If there is a logo, face it backwards so that it is visible from behind.
  • Some universal splash guards don't come with holes designated for the bolts to mount it. You will have to mark on the splash guards where the bolts lie in the wheel well and drill holes in these spots. Check to ensure that the holes line up on both flaps so that each one fits in the same position on each side of the Hyundai.
  • Secure the splash guards to the rear bumper and the Hyundai frame using the bolts. Some splash guards come with a bracket that can be mounted outside of the guard in the wheel well with the same bolts.
What is the difference between splash guards and mud flaps?

Though mud flaps and splash guards are often thought of as different things, these parts are essentially the same and provide the same function for your vehicle. They also may be called splash aprons, mud guards, and other names. These products protect your paint job and the underside of your car from salt, mud, snow, dirt, and more that may fly up and gather as the wheels spin, causing corrosion, a buildup of debris, scratches, and other damage. Other than their useful functions, they also can provide a pleasing aspect to the look of your car, adding a sporty and unique touch.

What are mud flaps for the Hyundai made of?

Mud flaps can be found in many materials, each providing its own unique benefit and look. Mud flaps made for the Hyundai and other small vehicles are generally made of hard plastic and polyurethane. These materials are a great option because they are customizable and come in a variety of colors, shapes, and designs. Rubber is another common material, which is resistant to cracking, rusting, and denting. Another material used on these parts includes various metals, providing a durable material that is resistant to high temperatures and breakage.