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Splash Guards and Mud Flaps for GMC Acadia

Whether you spend your days driving in the country or the city, you'll find mud clinging to the back. Choosing the right mud flaps for your truck helps you avoid the dirt and spend less time cleaning.

What does molded mean?

As you look at some of your options, you may see the word molded and wonder what it means. This term refers to sets that come with two flaps that are molded. The manufacturer uses molds to ensure that each piece that comes out is the exact same size and shape as the next. This helps you avoid problems with fit and other issues. The flaps used on semis and other larger models are often flexible and less rigid. Those designs allow the flaps to bump against the tires without causing any problems.

What comes in a standard set?

A standard set will come with between two and four mud flaps. Some sets have just two flaps that you can install on either the front or rear of your vehicle. Others come with four that you can use on and around each wheel. Your set should include some mounting hardware, too, for mounting the guards. Each flap will have a series of small holes around the back edge. The screws and brackets that come with these sets make installation easier. The brackets keep the flaps firmly attached to your undercarriage, while the screws sink into the body to help the flaps move as you drive. You can also get a single flap for replacing a damaged product on your truck.

Will splash guards fit all Acadia models?

One nice feature about splash guards is that most feature a universal design. This means that those products will fit on vehicles from almost any manufacturer, though you'll find some GMC branded products. Universal products will work with any GMC Acadia model produced during the early or later years of its run. Some four-piece sets may not fit all areas of your Acadia though. You may find that those designed for use on the rear are too large for use on the front tires.

What does OEM mean?

When searching for rear mud flaps for your GMC Acadia, you will likely come across the abbreviation OEM. OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer and refers to products made by the General Motors Corporation. Many of these models have the company's logo on each piece. This logo may come in a bright red color that contrasts nicely with the black background. Those who prefer a more sophisticated look can choose models that have the company's logo in black. Aftermarket splash guards are products that come from companies that make items for different truck models. These products may fit your GMC Acadia but will not come directly from the manufacturer of your vehicle.