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Splash Guards and Mud Flaps for Dodge Ram 3500

Mud flaps and splash guards sit behind the tires of your Dodge Ram, preventing water, mud, and debris from hitting the body of your truck. Each product protects your paint job and keeps your vehicle clean. Whether you are looking for replacements or outfitting your Ram truck with mud flaps for the first time, you will find a large selection of OEM and aftermarket options.

How many mud flaps fit onto a 3500?

The 3500 has space for four different flaps, one behind each tire. To replace all your current Ram flaps, purchase a full set of four. Alternatively, look for sets of two designed for the front or back wheels. If your 3500 is a dually, you can also purchase special flaps that sit behind the rear tires.

What kind of mud flaps and splash guards are available?

Mud flaps and splash guards for your Dodge Ram come in a wide range of styles, sizes, and materials. To find an option that matches your preferences, use these easy steps:

  • Research your truck’s specifications: Find the tire size, model number and any lift measurements.
  • Choose a style: Select flaps made for front tires, rear tires or dually models.
  • Check the fitment notes:Read the descriptions carefully, as some styles do not fit duallys, vehicles with fender flares, or trucks with wheel-to-wheel running boards.
  • Choose a set size:Flaps usually come in sets of two and four to fit the front, back, or both.
  • Choose a material:Choose from rubber, plastic, and metal.
  • Choose a design:Opt for solid, patterned or logo-printed flaps.
  • Choose a color:Select from black, grey, silver, and more.
What installation methods are available for Ram 3500 mud flaps?

Splash guards and mud flaps usually come in one of two installation categories. If you have made modifications to your truck, such as a lift or large tires, you may also need to purchase a bracket or an adapter.

  • Bolt-on: These flaps use bolts or self-tapping screws to attach directly to the frame of your truck. If you have never installed splash guards, you may need to drill into the frame to accommodate the fasteners. Many models come with a drilling template to make the process easier; allowing you to hold the flap in place and drill through at the marked locations. In many cases, you must remove the wheel before installing a flap.
  • No-drill: As the name suggests, these splash guards fasten to your Ram without the need for bolts or holes. Instead, they use special fasteners that hook onto your truck’s factory screws. These models usually do not require you to remove the wheel.