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Ford F-150 Speedometers

Speedometers measure the rotational speed of your Ford F-150 pickup, Raptor, or full-size pickup. Whether your truck uses a gasoline engine or diesel engine, there a variety of speedometers to choose from. From mechanical to electronic, from digital to analog, there's a speedometer for every Ford.

What is a speedometer, and what does it do?

A speedometer is a component on your F-150 truck that measures and displays the speed of your vehicle. They have been standard equipment in vehicles since the early 1900s and show your speed in real-time in either miles or kilometers. Speedometers use your car's rotation of the tires to gauge and measure your speed. There are two main types of speedometers, which are classified as the following:

  • Mechanical: These models use a rotating cable that is driven by your Ford F-150's transmission. When your truck moves, the speedometer gear turns the cable and then the speedometer. A magnet that is attached to the speedometer interacts with a speedcup. When the magnet moves near this cup, it creates a current within the cup. This creates torque, which moves the speedometer pointer in the right direction. The magnetic field is in proportion to the torque and measure of speed on the display.
  • Electronic: Many contemporary speedometers are electronic. These types use the same concept as mechanical models, except a rotation sensor within the transmission delivers electronic pulses. These pulses correspond to your driveshaft's rotational speed, which is your vehicle's speed. The sensor in these types are typically made of one or more magnets that help convert these pulses to a speed-display that can be electronically-controlled, digital, or analog-style.
Why would you replace your F-150's speedometer?

There are many reasons why you may need to change your speedometer on your Ford F-150. If your speedometer is inaccurate or stops working, it will need to be replaced. You may also want to replace this part for a more contemporary, accurate one. In addition, if you want to upgrade the display concept of your Ford speedometer, you may need to upgrade the hardware.

What speedometer types can you find for your F-150?

After deciding if your F-150 needs a mechanical or electronic speedometer, you can make choices about features. You can find both OEM and aftermarket speedometers for your diesel or gasoline truck. You can also find speedometers that are specified for a range of operations, whether it's for racing, off-roading, gasoline engines, diesels, or commuting. They can vary in their maximum speeds from 80-200 MPH.

You can purchase GPS speedometers for your Ford truck, which use GPS signals. You can also find speedometers with various designs and styles. Digital models are able to be read electronically while analog versions use a pointer and gauge dial to display the truck's speed. Other features for your Ford F-150's speedometer can include water resistance, odometers, programmable options, digital clocks, various indicator lights, and more.