A Quick Guide to Buying Speaker Binding Posts

When you're connecting speakers to additional audio components, such as amplifiers and subwoofers, the setup process can quickly devolve into a tangle of cables and wires. Speaker binding posts are an easy solution to speaker setup problems. Learn ahead of time how to choose the right speaker binding posts on eBay for your audio equipment.

What are speaker binding posts?

Speaker binding posts are connection points that let you connect speakers to other components via speaker cables. These posts usually have the following components:

  • Rod: Each binding post as a threaded metal rod that acts as the central component of the binding post design.
  • Cap: The cap, which is screwed onto the end of the rod, is usually insulated by plastic. The color of the cap usually indicates what type of terminal the binding post is attached to. Black caps signify inactive terminals, green caps signify earth terminals, and red caps denote active terminals.
What can be connected to speaker binding posts?

Speaker binding posts are a popular connection point for speaker setups because they allow for multiple connection types. Options include:

  • Bare wire: Bare wire can be installed in binding posts. When you unscrew the cap of a binding post, you'll find a small hole. Tinned wires can be inserted into the exposed hole of the post to connect the speaker to an audio component. Once the wire is in the correct place, you can simply screw the cap on to secure it.
  • Banana plugs: Banana plugs are perhaps the easiest way to connect speaker components. These plugs are simply inserted into the open input of the speaker binding post.
  • Pin connectors: Pin connectors can also be used with speaker binding posts. Before you can install them, you have to drill a hole in the post. The pin connectors are then inserted in the hole, and secured via the screw cap.
  • Lug terminal: As long as the inner diameter of the lug terminal fits securely around the binding post, they can be clamped to the post for successful installation.
What are the common buying options?

When you're shopping for binding posts, you can choose to buy individual posts or to buy posts in multi-piece sets. Before you buy anything, take inventory of your stereo setup and determine how many binding posts you'll need. Then choose a set of binding posts that suit your needs; you'll be able to find sets of the following:

  • Two posts
  • Four posts
  • Eight posts
  • Ten posts
  • Twenty posts
What brands offer speaker binding posts?

Many popular electronics brands manufacture binding posts. They include the following:

  • 3M
  • Kenwood
  • RCA
  • Nakamichi
  • CMC
  • Leviton