Space Saving Table and Chair Sets

Space saving table and chair sets are available in a wide variety of traditional or contemporary styles and can be chosen to suit kitchen, dining room or living room areas. This type of furniture is designed to be compact and typically includes features which maximise living space in smaller sized or less conventionally shaped homes.

These space saving sets offer the same level of style, comfort and durability as their larger counterparts. Even though your space may be restricted, your table and chair set should not feel squashed in. Your final selection will be based on the number of pieces required in your set and this can range from 2 piece ‘tuck-away' breakfast sets for the kitchen, to larger sets with 7 pieces or more suited to dining areas. All are available in a variety of materials including solid wood, wood effect, glass and metal mixes, letting you match your table set to your style of interior decor.

The Compact Kitchen

D-end space saving table and chair sets are also ideal for smaller kitchens, studio flats or apartments. These easy assemble styles often include handy fold away chairs and under table shelving to maximise living space.

Dining Room Styles

Extendable tables in rectangular, round, oval or square shapes are available in many different styles. Designed to shrink to more compact proportions for day-to-day use and, with the addition of extra leaves, such tables make excellent space savers for a dining room area. Drop leaf dining table and chair sets are also a great option which can also be ‘sized up' as and when needed.

If you have a modern interior, sets made from tough and durable tempered glass will offer the illusion of extra space. Such sets have slim, high-backed chairs and often mix modern materials such as faux leather and sleek chrome. Stow-away round dining tables also lend a modern feel, having stools which can be completely tucked away when not in use.