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Southwest Gift Cards

Southwest gift cards allow you to book flights and more. Whether you give them as gifts or keep them for yourselves, it's a convenient form of payment. Decide how you want to use them to know more about the value to place on the card.

What can Southwest gift cards be used on?

Once you have a Southwest gift card, it can be used to purchase anything from Southwest. Here are some options:

  • Purchase a Southwest flight online or at the airport.
  • Pay luggage fees.
  • Buy snacks and beverages on the plane.

Does the balance expire on Southwest gift cards?

The balance on a gift card does not expire. This allows you to use the amount in full or maintain a balance on it. If you don't use the entire balance on the gift card at once, you can keep it until the next time you fly on Southwest. Additionally, you can choose to add funds at any time. This way, you get to keep the card without having to get another one. If you like the design on it, this is the best way to keep it active.

What is the maximum value of a gift card?

There is no maximum value on Southwest gift cards. Most are purchased in increments of $25 or $100. However, if you are giving someone an amount to be used on a specific flight or destination, you can request a certain dollar amount to be loaded onto the gift card.

Can you receive cash back on Southwest gift cards?

Southwest gift cards are not like credit and debit cards. You will not be able to receive cash back on the gift card. Instead, the amount stays on the gift card and can only be used with the airlines.

A gift card for Southwest Airlines is not personalized. Since there is no cardholder name on the gift card, it can be used by anyone. When making a purchase online or in person, it is used as a gift card instead of credit. It can be used on as many purchases as needed for anyone flying, as long as there are enough funds remaining. As such, it does not ask for a cardholder name. It will ask for a pin code, which is revealed by scratching the foil on the back. Kids and adults alike can use the gift card. Plus, if there is a remaining balance on the card, it can be given to someone else to use.

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