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Soprano Saxophones

Choosing the Right Soprano Saxophone

Soprano saxophones are the highest voice of the most commonly used saxophone and a member of the woodwind family. There are many different brands and styles available that also range in quality level from a beginner horn all the way up to professional models. Both curved and straight soprano saxophones exist, and they also come in both lacquered and unlacquered brass to suit the aesthetic tastes of the owner.

What is the difference between curved and straight models?

If you are deciding between a curved and a straight soprano sax, you should know that the difference is mostly cosmetic. Players may be able to hear themselves better with the curved models because the bell is pointing back at them. The curved and straight models also have different ergonomic designs, making some more comfortable for you than others because of the keywork layout.

Do they come in different colors?

Saxophones are mostly the same size, but they can come in different colors. The most common version of the soprano saxophone is lacquered brass. Some owners opt for a matte finish or a brushed look. Those with a more unique style can even get their horn in different colors like red, blue, or green. The color of the horn has no effect on the horn?s sound or playability at all.

Are there multiple brands of soprano saxophones?

The soprano saxophone has been around for a long time, and many different companies have designed and produced their own version of the instrument. There are some highly-respected brands that have produced classic sopranos for many years, and some new and exciting companies bringing fresh designs and new ideas to the soprano saxophone market. eBay offers a long list of great brands. Here are some popular brands to look into.

  • Selmer
  • Yamaha
  • Jupiter
  • Mendini
  • Yanagisawa
How do you choose the right soprano saxophone?

Choosing the right soprano saxophone depends largely on your experience and your needs. This is why there are so many great companies making beginner, intermediate, and usually a professional soprano saxophone line to meet each player?s needs. You can find horns designed for all skill levels when you shop for instruments on eBay. Here are some things you should consider when you are shopping for your next instrument online.

  • Experience - What is your skill level?
  • Budget - What can you afford? These vary in price according to materials and features.
  • Use - Will you be using this in a professional setting to make money, or is it just a hobby instrument for fun?