Keep Your Projection TV Going With a Sony Wega Lamp

Sony makes several high-definition projection televisions for home and professional use. A projection television needs a special lamp or bulb to cast images and videos to the screen for you. If your screen doesn't seem to be working, purchasing a replacement Sony Wega lamp from eBay could fix the issue.

What types of Sony Wega lamps are available?

Sony makes Wega lamps and bulbs for both of the main types of projector TVs. You can use the options on eBay to find a replacement bulb or housing that will fit the type of television you use. Although the two technologies can be somewhat interchangeable depending on the home theater setup you have, you may find it most convenient to get the housing that works with your TV. The two main types of projection TVs are:

  • Front: A front-facing projection TV uses a projector lamp and a separate screen to give you the images. The Sony Wega lamp is directly behind the screen and acts as a separate device.
  • Rear: These types of projection televisions look similar to what you might find on other sets. The Sony Wega lamp is contained within the TV itself. The bulb will shine an image onto the back of the screen.
What technologies do Sony Wega lamps use?

Bulbs for the Sony Wega produce light in different ways depending on which model you choose. You can choose the one that suits your needs or works with the setup you have. The most common technologies you will find on eBay are:

  • Reflective: Light may bounce off the device to pick up the picture and send it to your TV screen. A bulb that uses a series of mirrors to send light to the screen is reflective.
  • Transmissive: Light may pass through the device directly as it goes to your TV screen. Liquid-crystal display screens are a type of transmissive technology.
What combination of Sony Wega lamps can you choose?

You'll find Sony Wega products in various configurations on eBay. You can choose the package that fits your needs. Some common options you will come across are:

  • Housing: If the current housing for your Sony Wega bulb is damaged, you can purchase a replacement frame from eBay.
  • Bulbs: If the bulb on your Sony Wega lamp is burnt-out but the housing for it is in working order, you can just buy a bulb for it.
  • Full sets: You can purchase both a frame and a replacement bulb at the same time.
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