Capture Your Videos With the Sony VRD MC6

With the use of the Sony VRD MC6 stand-alone DVD recorder, you have the ability to capture all of your videos and transform home videos into DVD format. You will find a wide range of new and preowned Sony VRD MC6 recorders available on eBay.

What connection capabilities are available with the Sony VRD MC6?
  • Audio in: The audio-in port gives you the capability of adding sound to your recordings.
  • Video in: The video-in port provides the ability for you to load your home and other videos for DVD-recording capabilities.
  • DV in: The DV-in port allows for direct video recording from a camcorder or other video-streaming devices.
  • USB port: Use the USB port to record videos from your smartphone, DVD players, computer, camera, tablets, or other compatible devices.
  • Disc tray: The disc tray is useful for uploading DVDs that you want to transfer into other recordings you are capturing or to hold the DVD that is capturing the recording.
  • Multi-memory-card slot: Use the multi-memory-card slot to combine video files with audio files that are stored on these devices.
  • Memory stick duo port: The memory stick duo port gives you the freedom to access files from multiple memory SD cards as needed for recording purposes.
What type of computer operating system is needed for recording?

The Sony VRD MC6 DVD recorder is a stand-alone device. This means that you can utilize the DVD-recording capabilities of the recorder alone. You don't need a computer or other type of machinery to capture the videos you want to record.

What types of discs are used with the Sony VRD-MC6?

There is a wide range of readable and writable discs that can be used with the affordable Sony VRD-MC6 DVD video recorder. These disc options that you can select from include the following:

  • DVD+R: Provides the ability to support up to 16 times the media of a standard CD.
  • DVD+R DL: A double-layer disc that supports up to eight times the media of a standard CD.
  • DVD+RW: A writable disc that supports up to eight times the media of a standard CD.
  • DVD+RW high speed: A writable disc with high-speed playback capabilities that supports up to eight times the information of a standard CD.
  • DVD-R: A writable DVD disc that supports versions up to 16 times the data of a standard CD.
  • DVD-RW: A readable and writable DVD disc that offers you support for up to six times the media-recording capabilities of a standard CD.
What is the Sony VRD MC6?

The Sony VRD MC6 is a multifunction DVD recorder. This device gives you the ability to transfer home videos and digital photos to a DVD disc without the use of a computer. The DVD recorder can also be connected to most models of camcorders for the ability to capture real-time DVD recordings.

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