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Sony Vintage Amplifier and Tube Amp

Sony Vintage Amplifiers and Tube Amps

Old-school audio equipment with vacuum-tube technology has a certain warm tone due to harmonic distortion. This sets tube amps apart from the more recently developed solid state technology, which eliminates that natural distortion. A tube amp can control a home speaker system by boosting the signal from an input, like a music player or TV, balancing and modifying it and then sending it to the speakers.

What is a power amp?

Amplifiers are divided into two types: power amps and preamps. An audio signal, especially from a musical instrument or vocal input, needs both. The preamp comes first. It provides a small boost to the strength of the sound signal and also might sort between different inputs, if multiple inputs are connected to one preamp. The power amp boosts the sound the rest of the way so that it can reach useful levels of volume, and it can also equalize, add distortion or other effects, and otherwise modify the signal. These amplifiers are generally larger than a preamp because they need to increase the signal strength by a larger amount.

What is an integrated amplifier?

An integrated unit has both the preamp and power amp in one box, rather than separate. There is less wiring and fewer electrical complications. Integrated units take up less space and there is less cabling. On the other hand, a matched amplifier set can often give you more control when it comes to customizing your sound quality.

How do you find the right amplifier for your speakers?

Among Sony vintage amplifiers, there are many important characteristics that can help you match your speakers to an amp. The most important one is electrical output, which is measured in watts. Amplifiers all have a certain number of channels of output and can distribute a given number of watts to each one. More watts mean more volume and detail, but too many watts will blow out the speaker. Likewise, too few watts will make the audio hard to hear. The model of speaker you have will have a recommended wattage level. Then, you should look for an amplifier that delivers that number of watts per channel. After that, you can check for special features like effects, mixing, control, and anything else that appeals to you beyond the basic functionality of boosting the audio signal.

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