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Sony Video Editing Software

Facts About Sony Video Editing Software

When searching for a video editing software that can function over a variety of PC platforms, Sony VEGAS programs can be used widely with Windows operating systems. Sony also provides editing tools that the beginning video editor should have no trouble understanding. These digital video editing products showcase design elements that can take your video and audio footage to the next level.

Is VEGAS Movie Studio suitable for beginners?

With this video editing software, you are able to learn everything that you need to know about video editing with the built-in Show Me How tutorials. The tutorials give you step-by-step instructions that you can follow along to while editing your videos. Learn how to add titles and other text, enhance your footage and audio, and finalize a video for public viewing.

What is the difference between Movie Studio and Studio Suite?

The VEGAS Movie Studio is the entry-level program in the Movie Studio family. It is for those looking for a fast-paced workflow. Both products have the built-in Show Me How tutorials and the Music Maker tool. However, VEGAS Movie Studio Suite has many more features. Some of these added features include:

  • Window docking options and layouts
  • The new iZotope RX elements
  • Blu-ray and DVD disc authoring
  • Blu-ray and DVD burning
  • 200 video tracks and unlimited video events for each track
Does the Sony VEGAS editor render in high-definition?

The program can render videos in full HD. Being able to render videos in 4K allows you to see more details and work at a more flexible pace. Sony VEGAS renders in many file formats, including:

  • ProRes
  • HEVC
  • AVC
  • XAVC
What are some other features of the Sony VEGAS software?

Some other features of Sony VEGAS include:

  • Logical docking window controls: By having control of the layout of your window docks, you are able to organize your workspace to meet your personal needs.
  • Background shading and user interface adjustments: This feature allows you to choose the window lighting that accommodates your current room lighting circumstances. You can also change the color of the button icons to further help coordinate your tools for identification purposes.
  • Tools for masking: With this software, you can eliminate unwanted areas of your video or photo by use of the Bezier masking tool. Create different shapes around objects to isolate a particular section within the frame that you would like to keep.
  • White balance: Use the auto white balance tool to achieve a balance in the white colors of your video and photo image.
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