Enjoy VHS Movies and Old-School Games on a Compact Sony Trinitron TV

If you want to play retro games or watch old-school VHS movies on a screen that's designed for vintage content, a Sony Trinitron TV can give you ideal results. A Sony Trinitron television is equipped with hardware that's compatible with VHS films, 8-bit games, and 16-bit games, so you'll see crisp graphics and colors on the screen whenever you connect this television to an old game system or a VCR.

What are the main Sony Trinitron TV features?

Sony Trinitron televisions have practical devices that are programmed to various panel buttons. Many Trinitron TVs also have standard audio and video features; these options are designed as ports that are found on the front or rear panel. Many Trinitron televisions on eBay include:

  • A built-in DVD player: A built-in DVD player lets users watch DVD movies without connecting third-party DVD equipment. The slot that holds the DVD is mounted underneath the screen on the housing paneling.
  • A flat screen: The flat screen on a Sony Trinitron television is made of glass. All Trinitron flat-screens can be cleaned easily with a dust rag.
  • A headphone jack: A headphone jack lets you enjoy movies and games without disturbing others. You can plug a standard pair of headphones into this jack.
  • HDTV: HDTV hardware lets the television transmit a high-definition signal. The ports for this technology are found on the back panel.
What are the resolution options for Sony Trinitron TVs?

Sony Trinitron televisions have a screen resolution that impacts color intensities and sharpness. On eBay, you'll find pre-owned Trinitron TVs with:

  • 1080i resolution: The 1080i spec determines the number of vertical and horizontal lines on a screen. This is the highest resolution for a Sony Trinitron television, so pictures and videos on a 1080i screen are very rich.
  • 720p resolution: A television that has 720p hardware can produce a crisp HD signal. On a small screen, a 720p signal is very crisp like a 1080p signal.
  • 480i resolution: This is a common high-definition video mode. It's included with many analog and digital televisions.
What are the design options for Sony Trinitron televisions?

All Sony Trinitron televisions are designed with neutral color schemes. The main housing and paneling colors are black, gray, and white. Trinitron televisions are manufactured in different sizes, so the frame width around the screen on most products will vary.

What types of video cables do Sony Trinitron televisions support?

Trinitron televisions have HDMI ports and standard TV input ports. Some TVs also have an S-video port, which makes a signal sharper. If a television has a remote, you can cycle through the different video modes by pressing buttons on the Sony Trinitron TV remote.

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