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How to Select a Sony Professional Camcorder

Whether you're preparing to shoot a wedding video or are considering making a short film, camcorders can provide you with the means of capturing video at a wide range of resolutions and in a variety of formats. Handheld Sony camcorders come with an optical range that extends from 2x magnification to more than 60x magnification. They can also capture video in formats such as MicroSD, MiniDV, SDXC, and Hi8.

What are some features of Sony camcorders?

These video cameras can be outfitted with a large number of features, including video recording in high-definition 720p or 1080p. Some camcorders offer the option of shooting video in full HD 4K resolution as well as night vision mode, an autofocus system, an image stabilization sensor, and built-in GPS. Many camcorders offer both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality when you want to connect to the internet. Certain models include an HDMI output for live HD video monitoring, while others offer a low-light shooting mode.

Other features that can be equipped on these devices include 360-degree capture, an LCD screen, an adjustable lens ring, CMOS sensor, built-in projectors, and the ability to create a time lapse.

Which colors are these video cameras available in?

These video cameras are available in a variety of colors. Primary options include black and silver, and additional color options include gray, white, and yellow. A number of these models are available in multiple colors with combinations like blue and silver and silver and black.

What are the different storage types available with handheld camcorders?

There are a few different options when it comes to storage for HD camcorders.

  • Internal: This is a type of storage that cannot be removed from your device. It comes in the form of an HDD or SSD hard drive that keeps all video you capture on the camcorder until it is transferred to another device.
  • Removable: This is a type of storage that can be removed from the camcorder. It comes in the form of a cassette tape, a card, or a DVD disc.
  • Internal/removable: A small number of video cameras can be equipped with both internal and removable storage.
What does the optical zoom of a camcorder refer to?

This term refers to the magnification of the lens that is located on your camcorder. This magnification can be adjusted as you capture the video but cannot be adjusted after the video is captured. The more you hone in on an object, the more detail is captured in a scene. Camcorders can be equipped with optical amounts that range from 2x-60x magnification. Some camcorders come with a fixed zoom that provides a single magnification amount. A number of camcorders are outfitted with variable magnification amounts that allow you to change the zoom depending on the range of magnifications provided by the device, such as 10x-30x.

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