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Listen to the Radio Through Sony Portable and Tabletop AM/FM Radio

The radio was an entertainment device that preceded the TV. You can choose your favorite channel to listen to and with a portable radio, you do not have to be in your home or car to do that. Carry it with you everywhere and enjoy the sounds you choose.

What are features of portable radios?

Portable Sony radios have the following features:

  • AC-Powered: An AC-powered device has an external power source using a plug.
  • Analog display: Analog displays are a non-digital display of the radio stations as they are changed.
  • Battery power: This uses rechargeable or single-use AA batteries to run the device.
  • Built-in belt clip: This allows you to secure the radio to your belt.
  • Digital display: This has a digital lit display.
  • Hand-cranked: This has a hand crank that can be turned to recharge the battery powering the device.
  • Headphone jack: A jack in which you can plug in headphones for private listening of the radio.
  • Solar recharge: The batteries are recharged using a solar power cell that produces energy from the rays of the sun.
What are the different radio signals?

The portable Sony radios work with different signal bands from which the radio tunes into the channels. The different bands are the FM and AM radio bands. FM stands for frequency modulation and AM stands for amplitude modulation. Both work by transmitting audio information in the form of electromagnetic waves to your radio built-in speaker.

How does the radio tuner work?

The radio tuner is a receiver of radio frequencies that are to be turned into sounds on the device. Tuning a radio means adjusting the receiver to the desired channel frequency. A small knob is used to manually adjust the radio frequency that is viewed on an analog frequency belt. Digital versions of the radios have automatic tuners that consecutively choose the next available channel on the AM or FM scale.

How do you increase signal strength on portable radios?

To increase your FM signal, reposition the antenna in different directions to increase the reception of the desired station. Stretch the antenna out as far as possible to get a better signal. Try changing positions slightly, as sometimes even small things can affect the reception. Things like street lights, power lines, and electrical appliances can directly interfere with the AM reception on the radio. Materials that are electrically conductive, like aluminum foil, can reflect the waves sent to the radio and minimize the signal. Being in buildings with such materials decreases radio reception.

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