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Sony Portable DVD Players

Among the electronic offerings from Sony, they also manufacture portable DVD players. In addition to playing your DVDs, many Sony portable DVD players in this collection come with accessories.

What are some features of Sony portable DVD players?

The features and specifications available for a player will depend on the model. However, the features listed below are available on most Sony portable video players.

  • Dual headphone jacks: Having dual headphone jacks enable sharing of video with someone else without having to rely on trying to hear through the external speakers. This may be suitable for environments like airplanes where external noise could make it hard to hear.
  • Swivel screens: This feature means you can rotate the screen to find your chosen viewing angle.
  • External connections: This feature allows you to connect the player to a TV to watch on a bigger screen. You can also connect to external sound. In addition, some players allow you to connect to other devices to view your pictures, for instance.
  • Remote control: Remotes provide control of the DVD player when watching the video on your TV, for example, using the external A/V connections on the DVD player.
  • Car adapters: For models with car adapter kits, you can charge the player while not disturbing your passengers' viewing of playback.
  • Playback time: This will vary by model, with some allowing playback of at least a feature-length movie or a few episodes of your favorite show on a single battery charge. The average playback time on a full charge is around 4.5 hours with a range of three to six hours estimated battery life.
What sizes are Sony portable DVD players available in?

There are multiple sizes of player available. Here is a sample of some of the sizes that Sony portable DVD player models come in:

  • 7-inch screen
  • 8-inch screen
  • 9-inch screen
  • 10.2-inch screen
Can these players be charged in a car?

You can charge most portable Sony DVD players in a car. A car charger adapter allows you to plug into your vehicle's cigarette lighter receptacle.

Can a portable DVD player play music?

You can play a CD with these portable players. Just put the disk in the player like a movie, wait for it to load up, and enjoy. You can also go through the track listing using the forward and reverse buttons on the portable player.

Can a Sony portable DVD player be used on a plane?

Generally, a portable DVD player can be used on an airplane for entertainment during long flights as it does not emit radio frequencies or signals. They are generally small enough to fit in carry-on luggage that fits in the overhead compartment or under the airplane seat. However, they may need to be taken out of the travel case or luggage and inspected through airport security, much like a laptop.

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