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Why Buy a White Console?

Though they're not the norm, Sony did release its PlayStation 4 console in a white edition. The Glacier White PS4 comes with the same features as the black version does and plays the same games. For collectors, having both a white and a black console can complete a collection of game systems.

What Features Does a PS4 White Console Have?

Released in 2017, the white console was initially part of a special-edition bundle, but it was released a year later in 2018 as a standalone console. The features of the console are identical to the black version, with the color being the only difference between the two PS4 consoles.

  • The storage capacity of the PS4 is 500GB. This offers plenty of room for gamers to store games and other media content, though there are options that offer up to 1 TB of storage, which is double the 500GB of storage the Glacier White PlayStation offers.
  • The white PS4 works with a wireless DualShock controller. These responsive controllers are an upgrade from previous controllers and feature a built-in touchpad and dual analog joysticks.
  • The processor and graphics system make for more detailed images and a sharper screen resolution during gameplay. The PS4 can also play Blu-ray discs to serve as a complete entertainment system.

What Comes in a Console Bundle?

The Glacier White console was first released as a limited-edition bundle with the game Destiny 2, and the bundle contains everything you need to enjoy this version of the game. In addition, the Destiny edition of the PS4 is now considered a collector's edition item for gaming fans.

  • The bundle comes with the Glacier White PS4 console. This PlayStation console is the same design as the white console released later; however, purchasers of the bundle got the white console a year earlier.
  • A Glacier White DualShock wireless controller is included in this special bundle.
  • A special version of the Destiny 2 game, which includes bonus content, special weapons, a gear set, and a Blu-ray version of the game, comes with this limited-edition collector's PS4 set.

Which PS4 Accessories Go with a Console?

To enhance your gaming experience, you can purchase added accessories to complement your PS4.

  • Since most PS4 systems only come with one controller, you may want to purchase a second controller, so you can game with a friend. Controllers come in numerous styles and designs, including solid colors or camouflage patterns.
  • A gaming headset lets you immerse yourself in sound and become a part of the game.
  • If you are hooking up to PlayStation VR, a camera adds even more to your PlayStation 4 virtual-reality gameplay experience.

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